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Church Ministry Kehancha

May 8, 2013


This is Boke Everlyne a church choir leader who is now being sponsored to go to college, and this is the group of young people that God has put in her care and she has produced the fruits. This young lady had no training at all, but with the true gifts that God has given her, she has produced a very good choir.

Shalom Worshipers, they have also recorded their first CD . This is what God can do with young people who give themselves ALL for Christ and not half way. Now, her vision is, not on having this great job or a singing carrier or anything else, her vision to have a home for young girls and also become a music teacher so she can continue her calling.... Lets give this young lady a chance to continue producing fruits for God and send her to school and also lets bring the Shalom Worshipers to America so they can experience the greatness of serving God..

Who is with me?!!!!!!!

Boke Everlyne's first dream has come true!!! She is in College thanks to the generosity of the Quezada's Family.


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