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Suffering Girls

May 21, 2013

On 5/21/2013, three young, very bright and active girls ages of 4,7 and 12 were burned alive by their father because he differed with the wife.

What happened here, according to the pastor, was that the father and the mother were separated because the father was abusive and a drunken. Tuesday morning this individual came into the house and as the girls were waking up to go to school , he threw petrol over them and cought them on fire , as the mother was helpless , she ran for help but it was too late . By the time they put the fire off, the girls' bodies were too burnt and none of them survived.

People from the village sought after this man and when they found him, they killed him. This is the way justice is done here in Kenya. Why these girls, I say. Many young girls go through some extreme abuse like what just happened to these girls.

It was one of the first homes I visited in our evangelistic mission and I spent time with these girls. They had a bright future. This really disturbed me and the pastor, but this is what happens to many girls and women.

They are considered a property to men rather than a gift from God. A milking cow is worth more than a girl and thats why the parents give them into marriage at a young age. This does not have to continue, we can make a difference. Be an advocate for these young girls. They have no where to go, no one to help them, and no refuge. They do not have to die...

This is the reason why we need your help to build these orphanages, shelter from these sort of tragedies and injustices.


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